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This forum is for the free exchange of ideas and questions for the music community, made up of freelancers, contractors, students, teachers, orchestral musicians, administrators, producers, entrepreneurs . . . anyone who wants to dialogue about issues related to the workplace and career development.  It is hoped that students will benefit from the collective wisdom of working musicians and for more mature musicians to benefit from the fresh look at our industry.  Our world is changing!

This is the sort of career advice, guidance, and insight that you can’t find in a textbook and would usually come only by a one-on-one consultation with a trusted advisor.  Education elevates the profession!


An email address must be valid and will be verified.  Aliases for usernames are not only encouraged but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  You want to be anonymous with your username on this site, and after you register, you’ll see why.  This is to be a safe place to ask the questions that are often not verbalized.  Freelancers and students are the most vulnerable when asking certain questions for fear of some sort of retaliation due to minimal job protection.

A post may be deleted . . .

  • if it singles out an individual or organization by name.  This is not a place to warn others to stay away from people or institutions.  Any issue can be handled generically enough to get good advice.
  • if it consists of narcissistic ramblings.  This forum is in the spirit of genuinely wanting to help others and for those who want honest help.  Leave your ego at the portal!
  • if it self-promotes.  This is not a place to advertise your wares.  That’s why we have websites.

Participation is not required.  As a registered user, you are free to observe what others say, use what you want, and ignore the rest.

Anyone can start a topic.  You can subscribe to posts to follow what you want.

We are not restricted to any one area of the world.  Musicians have the same questions and concerns globally.